Welcome to Gatesdale. The best town on YCC!

Why pick us?
  • Join us and pay only $100 for 4 plot!*
  • We have a power grid that expands all the way through the town providing you with free power yes you heard me FREE.
  • We have beautiful designed town so you can be part of a modern town.
  • We have shops where you can use your money and buy almost everything the server offers!
  • a road system so you can come rollin' in your moon buggy and make your neighbors jealous.

Town rules
We have 6 simple rules to prevent the town both from lagging and from making it ugly.
    [1.] Don't use golden shovel claims. - Towny is the plugin used here and the mayor and helpers need access incase we need to make some improvements to /near or under your plot.
    [2.] Don't steal from players. - obviously.
    [3.] Space out your machines so they don't lag the town. - we can't have the pesky lag in your town!
    [4.] All power must be connected to main power grid. - to prevent that people have to many reactors next to each other and lag the town.
    [5.] Wooden chests are not allowed. - This is Because it claims and may claim sections of the road and other players plots, we do provide with iron chests.
    [6.] Don't mine out your plot. - your plots are there to build on not for resource mining, you can go to resource to get resources or buy them at the shop.

Mayor: Quackmovie0018
Power plant Keeper: Jking12321
IT systems: Lynx_slayer

Contact Quackmovie0018 to be invited!

*1 plot is 16x16x256x256

Hope to see you there

Quackmovie0018 - Mayor of Gatesdale!