Infinite Power:
1 Igneous Extruder
1 JABBA Barrel
18 Crucibles
40 itemducts and 40 fluiducts
18 levers
2+ Magmatic Dynamos
18 Netherrack
1 Flint and Steel
Some tanks (optional, if you want to store some)

Step 1: Place an igneous extruder below a JABBA Barrel and set it to output there.
Step 2: place 18 blocks of netherrack in 3 rows, and the rows should be 2 blocks apart. Light them.
Step 3: Place Ex Nihilo Crucibles on top of the fires.
Step 4: Put itemducts connecting the crucibles to the JABBA Barrel on TOP of them. Set the itemduct by the JABBA Barrel to output to the crucibles.
Step 5: Hook up fluiducts set to output lava from the crucibles into the dynamos
Step 6: Profit.