Posted: February 25th, 2019 @ 9:06 PM PST

Our network is under financial stress. We have $809.90 of overdue bills that need to be paid. Please help us by purchasing ranks or donating on our shop on the menu above. We are having a 30% off sale to help raise funds. Anything helps! Thank you for your support!


This is a patch to address issues reported of low fps on the pack and server. I have optimized it the best i could on my end from the start I was around 40 FPS i got it beyond 300 FPS before updating it. Now this is from my own personal computer so others may vary but a 260 FPS increase seems good enough to me.

If you have anymore issues please report them. Things do not get fixed unless you say something.

Thanks for being patient as always and I hope this fixes your performance issues!

As for those who want to have the shader on your clients simply download the shader mod HERE and drop it into your mods folder. The shaders are still included within the modpack.