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APOC is a large scale modpack & vanilla network.

With 9 1.6.4 servers, 18 1.7.10 servers, and Vanilla Servers all setup on bungeecord networks.

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This message is for everyone to choose what mods they would like to see in a new modpack hosted on APOC. No matter what it is, if you like it it will be looked into and added as long as it meets the criteria below.

- Does not involve any kind of adult behavior (Minecraft Sex Mod)
- Does not cause any crashes or conflicts with other mods.
- Does not have a closed network (If its a mod that involves energy allow other mods to interact with it)
- Does not overwrite entire parts of minecraft that conflict with other mods (Forcing people to play a certain way that breaks other mods from functioning or being focused on)

As long as it meets all of those it can be added. The modpack will be setup on 1.10.2, it will be the first 1.10.2 modpack and server APOC has ever made or hosted. And it will be the first modpack ever created by its community.

APOC's modpacks have been re-creations or "Mastered/Perfected" versions of Technic modpacks. Tech & RPG was a modpack created solely to place every technic modpack into one and make everything function and be compatible with each other with performance in mind. Apocalyptic Adventures was my complete remake of Hexxit since Technic was sitting on their behinds not making Hexxit 2 i made my own version.

Now its time to make one with my fellow players.

Those who help test and create the modpack will be given the donor rank Knight for free. This modpack is about us working together to make something different and awesome. So lets get to it!

To make a suggestion or offer your assistance in creating this new modpack and server please post on this topic here:

Apply for Staff:
Apply for Dev:

Hey guys! The maintenance was completed yesterday around 10PM PST. All old player data from Jan-Aug 17th has been cleared and servers are backed up. And after a stressful 265 days of running 24/7 our dedicated servers finally got to restart!

This month is the 6th anniversary of APOC so to celebrate we are going to be giving double points to everyone who votes for the first 7 days of the month along with a 35% sale on the entire shop. So from the 1st to the 7th all votes will give 2 points instead of 1. Which allows you players to save up points even faster to obtain free supporter ranks! So go vote daily and get up to 76 points a day!

In addition all permissions should be fixed now, all ranks should be properly colored as well.
We have also added mob and player health status bars to all servers, this will show player health in percentage and mob health by current/max hp.
We are working on colored nameplates as well so your names above your head will soon say your rank and name with proper colors.

We are still looking for staff for all of our servers including java programmers. If you would be interested in help making this network better please apply on the links above!

[GLOBAL] Sickllama The x2 voting reward event will be extended 2 days due to the issues we experienced with enjin registering votes. Thanks...
SmallyFishy Congratulations for 6 years!
[DONOR] Clutch_Cabbage Are you going to be giving the missing points to those of us who voted earlier this morning before you enabled 2x points...


On August 31st APOC will go down for maintenance. This will take several hours to perform backups and wipe old player data. If you have not logged in over 2 weeks please do so before the 31st so your data does not get deleted.

Player data from August 17th to January 1st will be deleted. This includes:
- Economy
- Claimblocks
- Claims
- Homes
- Inventories
- Experience

No worlds will be reset. This is just to rid the server of thousands of old player data files.
I am also working on a bunch of new additions to the servers that I am testing on the Agrarian Skies Softcore server. Which will eventually make it to the rest of the network.

Any questions feel free to contact me via PM or submit a support ticket.

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