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APOC is a large scale modpack network. With 9 1.6.4 servers and 18 1.7.10 servers all setup on bungeecord networks.

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Disclaimer: All APOC servers on launchers will use only the original mods provided for the pack. We will NOT use optional mods on our servers. Adding these to your client will cause conflicts or crashes.

APOC does not create or manage any modpack that our name is not in. Modpacks we own are AA, TRPG, AW, ASKY, and modpack ports to technic such as YCC, AS, and PIX. Any problems associated with any modpack not created by us IS NOT OUR PROBLEM! And we also CANNOT FIX IT! Please report your issues with the mods or modpacks to the ones who own the mod or modpack. However if your problems can be fixed by removing an item from your home, or resetting your player data. We will gladly assist in solving the issue this way by submitting a support ticket.


Website: http://apocgaming.org
AT Launcher: https://www.atlauncher.com/downloads
Share Code: 4SJhzyyE

As the title states I finally got RR3 back up. Now i wanted to update it but it seems the RR3 crew removed "Project Flux" from RR3 in the latest versions. So the server will remain on We got no special mods so just click "Project Flux" and select your client mods, or use the share code provided above.

The server right now is generating worlds so there might be a tiny amount of lag. I got it set on low so its not that bad.

Any questions feel free to ask.


Website: http://apocgaming.org
Servers: http://www.apocgaming.org/servers
Support: http://www.apocgaming.org/support

Alright I have been wanting to this for a very long time. But since ive recently been basically restructuring the entire network and staring at consoles more than usual the constant sign of deadlocking and crashing has been pissing me off.

A long time ago i setup a different world setup as an experiment to see if it would improve server performance and reduce lag. Currently we have worlds that are 10,000x10,000 and those worlds have been left alone since January of 2015. It is going on a year and a half now and its definitely due for a reset.

My new world setup was to split that 10k world into 4 parts. Basically making it smaller and easier for the server to load and save. The result? It worked. Chunk loading was instant, server saves were also instant and no lag was noticeable in any way. The 1.7.10 servers that have this setup have never deadlocked or crashed from anything. (Besides TRPG and its battletower problem, that's another story)

Point is, its time for a reset.
Now the 1.5.2 servers will be reset today as im moving them to a new host. And I will also be updating Hexxit to 2.0.1C (1.6.4) this will allow us to connect Hexxit into the 1.6.4 bungee network.

As for the 1.6.4 servers this is the 1 week notice of the reset. Next Saturday every 1.6.4 server WILL be wiped clean. All worlds, player data, economies, claims, factions, everything. New worlds will be setup and pre-generated and hopefully the result of a smoother more stable experience on apoc.

For those of you that want your home saved Perm Baron ranks or higher get a free schematic save up to 75x75 for ONE world and ONE server. So if you played on multiple servers, choose wisely. I was planning on making this a voter feature as well by using voter points, but my staff still have not finished the voter shops so...

If you want your schematic saved, put in a support ticker on the link above. Please give the world, coordinates, and specifics on what you want backed up if it exceeds 75x75. We cannot save underground homes because there is too many blocks to save around your home. So please only requests for surface homes.

Once all of this is done we will be setting up new servers onto APOC. The ones i have in mind are Tekkit Classic, Bringing back Resonant Rise 3, Madpack 3, and Pixelmon.

And for those that are going to ask. No, you cannot download the world map. APOC pre-generates worlds so our world files are gigabytes in size. We do not have the storage capacity nor bandwidth to share such a file.

The setup for voting to obtain donor ranks is complete. If you vote everyday and save up your vote points you can easily obtain pernanent tier 3 ranks! Voter kits hopefully coming soon.

Every weekend will now give 2 points per vote instead of 1. So Saturday and Sunday.

If you are the top voter of the month you will get +100 points at the start of the next month. You have to be the #1 voter to get this award.

GreenTeaDrag0n The hard part is just waiting for the wipe D: Been iching for MC again. I can never leave APOC.

Website: http://apocgaming.org

Alright lets get into this! There has not been a massive update post on apoc in a long time due to the chaos going on behind the scenes and trying to figure out wtf to do on apoc. So lets get into it.

First of all lets talk about my new series of modpacks I have been working on. Apocalyptic Adventures goes above and beyond to give you the ultimate RPG experience in minecraft. Like hexxit? You wont after playing this! While this pack was inspired by hexxit in many ways the main reason for its creation was due to the lack of effort on technics end. For years I have awaited the release of Hexxit II only to find time and time agian their hype train is nothing but a lie. So i made this.

AA has a custom world generator, client optimizations, optimized shader pack, over 70 dimensions, and enough gear and enemy monsters to keep you satisfied for days if not weeks. The pack has a party system, chat system, cosmetic gear system, and much more. It also features custom dungeons, villages, interactible villager npc's, special bosses generated across the worlds and in special dimensions, and a improved The End and Nether.

AA was supposed to have quests and thats still on the table. I just need someone willing to work on making quests for the pack. If you want to do something like this please contact me via enjin PM. Thanks.

Voting on APOC has always been revamped over and over to satisfy the players in every way possible. It started out as a simple diamond per vote, to getting multiple items, econ, and exp per vote. To having an entire ranking system just for voters. And now I have cranked it up a notch more for voter kits and voter rank kits.

Voter kits will be like all those Pay2Win servers only less over powered and you dont need to pay for it. Its free, just vote! Of course we wont stop you from donating for them ranging from $5-$15 but the requirement from voting is very small. Tier 1 kits start out at 100 points Tier 2 is 200 and Tier 3 is 300 points. The point system will be setup to be 1 point per vote so people do not get confused by this. With this change all vote points on the website will be wiped.

Unlike the Pay2Win servers out there ours are shortcuts into the pack. They offer you a small amount of items, blocks, or machines to jump start your adventure into that specific mod. It is not intended to make it so BAM you beat the mod by getting the kit. No we want to avoid that. We will also not have any type of tools, armor, or weapons on any kit unless the server is strictly RPG based like Hexxit. We do not want to give anyone a huge instant advantage over other players. So this means you wont find any kits with modular suit upgrades, or quantum suits, or any type of extremely advanced gear that is end game content.

APOC has always been for the most part non Pay2Win. We offer ranks that give you pets, convenient commands, and even limited creative mode to aid you in building that sweet home of yours but block it so that you cant share items or have players get resources from breaking your placed creative blocks. Everything from every rank has been carefully thought out and tested.

Voter ranks will also get their Loot Kits. These kits will give ranks 3,6,9,12 their own kits which will provide 4 types of ingots x16 for each kit. The first starts out as vanilla and the other 3 go into server specific ingots until the last one goes into the rarest ores/ingots you can find on the modpack. These loot kits can be used every 48 hours.

Voting on APOC is about to change. A lot. The vote sites are like cockroaches with over 400+ listed vote sites on our vote page management of this is nearly impossible to do. So the network will be switching to a global ranking/permissions system which also allows for a global voting system. This will be primarily for the 1.6.4 and 1.7.10 networks. The older servers such as Tekkit Classic, Tekkit Lite, Hexxit, and Voltz will still have their own vote sites and will be separated from the rest of the vote sites on the voting page to make sure no one confuses them. Global voting will work like this. Every 1.6.4 server will have 1 vote page per site to vote on. So 1 listing on PlanetMinecraft 1 listing on MCIndex, etc. You will be allowed to vote for these 25-30 vote sites one time each per 24 hours. The vote will then count towards all servers on the 1.6.4 network. So it doesnt matter if you are on YCC or AGS you will get your reward.

Permissions on apoc is a nightmare. With 16 servers and over 40 ranks on the network it has to be setup easily so that changes can be made on the fly. So if Rank A needs permissions for this new plugin just slap the perm nodes in for that rank and all ranks inherit the permissions. Sadly even though this sounds easy a lot of permissions are scattered in the wind and not applied to ranks correctly and this all needs to be fixed.

We also need to fix the permissions and ranking system to be on a global scale not dependent on the individual server. This will greatly improve the convenience of voting on every server.

So if you guys find an issue with a permission (not having access to something you think you should) please let me know via enjin PM.

I am currently setting up APOC to be more secure and convenient in many ways. 1.6.4 will finally get that fancy bungee network i said i would make a long time ago but ran into some issues with my own networking equipment bottlenecking my progress with it. I have finally found a solution that not only fixes the issues of making and setting a bungee network up for 1.6.4 but also gives the entire apoc network better security.

The 1.6.4 network will be setup exactly like the 1.7.10 network. Hopefully better as time goes on. Basically this means inter-server communication. If theres no staff on 1 server but theres staff on another server well guess what? You can now ask staff from across servers to answer your questions or request help from them. Many staff on APOC are globals and if you ask a global on another server for help on yours they can hop onto your server and help you out!

This also opens up the possibility for mini games. No we cant have mini games on the modded servers but we can have mini games on the HUB of the network!

Overall I am working on a lot of stuff. From servers to modpacks to the website. All in all i am but one man doing all of this so it takes a lot of time to do the things i do. But I am planning on making a few more servers as things get finished around here so stay tuned for that!

Any questions, concerns, or suggestions please feel free to post them below in the comments or PM me on enjin.

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