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Alright I have been wanting to this for a very long time. But since ive recently been basically restructuring the entire network and staring at consoles more than usual the constant sign of deadlocking and crashing has been pissing me off.

A long time ago i setup a different world setup as an experiment to see if it would improve server performance and reduce lag. Currently we have worlds that are 10,000x10,000 and those worlds have been left alone since January of 2015. It is going on a year and a half now and its definitely due for a reset.

My new world setup was to split that 10k world into 4 parts. Basically making it smaller and easier for the server to load and save. The result? It worked. Chunk loading was instant, server saves were also instant and no lag was noticeable in any way. The 1.7.10 servers that have this setup have never deadlocked or crashed from anything. (Besides TRPG and its battletower problem, that's another story)

Point is, its time for a reset.
Now the 1.5.2 servers will be reset today as im moving them to a new host. And I will also be updating Hexxit to 2.0.1C (1.6.4) this will allow us to connect Hexxit into the 1.6.4 bungee network.

As for the 1.6.4 servers this is the 1 week notice of the reset. Next Saturday every 1.6.4 server WILL be wiped clean. All worlds, player data, economies, claims, factions, everything. New worlds will be setup and pre-generated and hopefully the result of a smoother more stable experience on apoc.

For those of you that want your home saved Perm Baron ranks or higher get a free schematic save up to 75x75 for ONE world and ONE server. So if you played on multiple servers, choose wisely. I was planning on making this a voter feature as well by using voter points, but my staff still have not finished the voter shops so...

If you want your schematic saved, put in a support ticker on the link above. Please give the world, coordinates, and specifics on what you want backed up if it exceeds 75x75. We cannot save underground homes because there is too many blocks to save around your home. So please only requests for surface homes.

Once all of this is done we will be setting up new servers onto APOC. The ones i have in mind are Tekkit Classic, Bringing back Resonant Rise 3, Madpack 3, and Pixelmon.

And for those that are going to ask. No, you cannot download the world map. APOC pre-generates worlds so our world files are gigabytes in size. We do not have the storage capacity nor bandwidth to share such a file.

The setup for voting to obtain donor ranks is complete. If you vote everyday and save up your vote points you can easily obtain pernanent tier 3 ranks! Voter kits hopefully coming soon.

Every weekend will now give 2 points per vote instead of 1. So Saturday and Sunday.

If you are the top voter of the month you will get +100 points at the start of the next month. You have to be the #1 voter to get this award.

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