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Welcome to AGN!
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Welcome to the AGN Web Store!
Purchase ranks, keys, booster packs, items/kits, loaders, worlds, amplifiers, etc.

All purchases help pay for APOC's expenses such as web hosting, server hosting, domains, ddos protection, electricity & internet (modded servers are home hosted), server hardware & upkeep, and developers.

For more information about our servers and network, consider viewing our wiki.

Payment Methods and Gifting:

  • This shop accepts PayPal, and Stripe. Debit/Credit cards can be used on either processor.
  • You can use a card with PayPal without an account by paying as a guest below the login, this is only available in North America, Europe, and Australia. (To our knowledge)
  • If you do not have a PayPal account, or cannot checkout as guest, Stripe is available to use with any debit/credit card.
  • We do not collect any account information, financial information, or personal information, all information is given to the payment processors (PayPal & Stripe) and not APOC Gaming or CraftingStore.
  • You can gift other players anything by simply changing the MC name of the purchase.

About APOC Ranks:

  • Ranks on APOC are global, meaning they can be purchased and applied to all current and future server until they expire.
  • Ranks are yearly, or 365 days from the purchase date. 
  • You can extend the ranks duration by purchasing the same rank more then once, or upgrade to Legend and purchase the Legend Upgrade to renew the Legend rank for an additional year.
  • All ranks can be upgraded paying the difference between the ranks until the initial purchased rank has expired.
  • The initial purchase of the rank will give multiple keys to redeem, APOC uses keys as a delivery system for store purchases.
  • The purchase/keys will be delivered within 10 minutes after purchase when you login to the HUB server.
  • You can redeem the keys listed on your purchased rank description in game on any server. View them using /keys and /redeemkey keyname to claim.
  • Creative ranks are heavily restricted for building purposes only on the Survival or Personal Worlds. You are restricted from pvp, item drops, item storage, obtaining items from broken blocks placed in creative, switching worlds will change gamemode to survival, earning economy from tasks in creative, and items spawned in are restricted to building/decoration blocks and pipes/cables. Using this mode has zero gameplay advantage over other players, it is simply skipping the need to gather the materials to build your home/base/project through normal gameplay.

About Keys and Amplifiers:

  • Keys on APOC act differently from other servers, with us it is both a reward system and a delivery system. You can earn or purchase reward keys such as Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Resource keys. These when redeemed deliver an equal odds reward from the keys redemption. We also have server keys which act as delivery systems for purchases to set ranks, loaders, worlds, boosters, etc.
  • Reward keys can be earned in game through daily activities like logging in, being online hourly, referring new players, voting, reviewing, or purchasing using in game economy earned through tasks and all of the above. Alternatively you can purchase packs of them on this shop.
  • The list of rewards per key per server is shown on our website here: https://apocgaming.org/economy...
  • Further explanation of how our keys function is shown here: https://apocgaming.org/economy...
  • AMPS is a form of currency that is used when activating an Amplifier, an Amplifier can activate a potion or enchant effect or a double gain effect for a hourly duration for ALL players on the network. Once selected in the /amps or /amplifier command you can increase the strength and duration of the Amplifier by using more AMPS. Every level of strength is 1 AMP, every hour is 1 AMP, double gain Amplifiers are 2 AMPS.
  • You can earn AMPS through voting every 30 times, by purchasing a rank, or by subscribing to the monthly Noble or Royal package on our discord server.

About Booster Packs:

  • Boosters is simply a pack of multiple plugin or game resources meant to give you a 'boost' in game.
  • The resources obtained through booster packs do not affect gameplay for you or anyone else.
  • Boosters give economy, exp levels, claim blocks, and towny chunks.

About Item Chest and Kits:

  • You can purchase an item chest (27 items) or a kit on our shop (if available or setup) to get an assortment of in game items.
  • For the item chest you get a choice of 27 slots of items such as ores, ingots, components, food, pipes/cables, etc.
  • You cannot get any form of tool, weapon, armor, egg, spawner, or machine from this purchase.
  • You cannot get any creative items from item chests or kits.
  • Upon purchase please contact staff in game or on our discord to choose your items.

Affiliation Notice & Support:

  • APOC is not affiliated with Microsoft or Mojang in any capacity, nor affiliated with any game studio, publisher, or business involved with the game servers hosted. Please do not contact any of these entities for issues with our services.
  • By using our services or purchasing something from our shop, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • If you have any issues with any purchase, service, or have any questions feel free to Contact Us Here.