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Terms and Conditions
  • By participating in this website or any affiliated services, you are agreeing to our website rules and any laws which may apply to this content sourced from private organizations. The term APOC refers to the Apocalyptic Gaming Network, and all included associations.

Accounts and Services:

  • The APOC administration reserve the right to change these terms and conditions or any rules, without warning. It is the responsibility of both users and management to check these terms and the rules for changes at any point. APOC Gaming Network also reserves the right to alter any feature, gameplay element, hosted server, or purchased content at any time. Changes that directly affect the functionality of daily products will be forewarned, baring any errors with Development.
  • You agree to all of our rules, terms, and policies when joining our website, discord, or game servers. Violation of any of these, regardless of standing on our services, may result in the banning, termination, or restriction of our services rendered to you without refund. This also includes but is not limited to any accounts that have been compromised by malicious software or programs.
  • Sharing with users any form of scam, malware, token grabbers, fake domains, invites to alternate sites or servers not approved by APOC, sending manipulated media such as screenshots or video which has been generated or manipulated by any program, repeated message on any of our services using a program, botnet, or other malicious methods to circumvent our networks rules, terms, or policies is strictly prohibited.
  • APOC is not affiliated with Microsoft or Mojang in any capacity, nor affiliated with any game studio, publisher, or business involved with the game servers hosted. Please do not contact any of these entities for issues with our services. For assistance, submit a support ticket on the site or discord.


  • All donations and purchases are final, and will not be refunded for any reason. All purchases come with a guarantee of delivery, and if unable to do so, such purchases will substituted with others of equal value within the APOC Gaming Network scope. Assistance will be provided for manual delivery of digital purchase if errors occur. Transaction issues should be reported to staff by way of support tickets mentioned prior, but is entirely dependent on the consumer. Usage of stolen payment methods is considered fraud regardless of age and current whereabouts. Filing any form of dispute or chargeback to obtain refunds after services have been fully rendered (delivery of game server access and digital goods purchase to the account used for the purchase) will result in the forfeit of access to all APOC services.
  • Please do not make any purchases or donations using payment methods not of your own. Friends’ or family’s accounts for any form of transaction on APOC not performed by the owner of the payment method is considered fraud and will be investigated. You must be of at least 16 years of age (legal age may vary based on country) and have legal access to a banking institution or account under your name to perform any transaction on APOC. No personal or financial information is saved or obtained during  any transaction.
  • Any revenue made by donations or purchases is used to help pay for the network’s expenses and payments to staff for work rendered. These expenses include web hosting, server hosting, domains, emails, ddos protection, data backups/storage, databases, electricity, bandwidth, internet access, physical server hardware, and payments to staff or developers for services rendered. Apocalyptic Gaming Network is privately owned and hosted, and uses of contributions do not have to be disclosed.

Social Media:

  • You are allowed to contribute to any social media post we make to any platform, however you need to get our permission to stream or advertise yourself or any of your social media on our platform.
  • Recording videos or streaming are allowed without our consent, but if you wish to advertise your social media on our servers, site, or discord you must contact staff or make a support ticket to be given a "Content Creator" rank/role to allow you to advertise on our services. You are only allowed to advertise your social media when the content involves our network. So if you are streaming on our game servers, advertising is allowed. However playing on other games or servers advertising of your socials will not be allowed on APOC. This only applies to the time frame of when the post was made for the stream. Please only post your socials when you are actively involved with our network.
  • Any form of direction or guidance to get a player or member of our network to join another network or community through your socials to bypass our no-advertising rules will result in account termination and banning.

Last updated on: September 7th, 2023. This page is still being worked on, and it may not be in a finalized state.