Posted: February 25th, 2019 @ 9:06 PM PST

Our network is under financial stress. We have $809.90 of overdue bills that need to be paid. Please help us by purchasing ranks or donating on our shop on the menu above. We are having a 30% off sale to help raise funds. Anything helps! Thank you for your support!


So many things are on my table for APOC. So lets get into a few of my ideas and projects that when i get some time I will be working on. Please note that I do work IRL I fix, build, and diagnose computers outside of APOC. This requires a lot of my time and money as you need to advertise, work on the computers, deal with customers, and buy an inventory of parts to build/fix the computers. I do this in the morning/afternoon and work on APOC in the evening.

New Menu & Site Design:

If you have not noticed I have already begun to work on this. The site design has been updated and every area that was bugged has been fixed and improved upon. The new menu is cleaner, using a unique design i made myself, and has 5 times less pages to go through now. I will actually be going through the pages and making them even fewer soon.

The idea of the new design is to be more user friendly by having splash pages for specific categories on the website. So the Members page will have pictures of other categories that you click on. Like Member List, Donors, Staff, Most active players, Player Leaderboards (kills, blocks traveled, blocks broken, etc), and more.

APOC isnt just a MC community, its a Gaming Community. I myself play more FPS and Survival based games than i do MC. APOC is about gamers across all games to get together to meet new friends and to have fun. I need to seperate the website into different sections one for MC and the other for the rest of the games. And maybe down the line this will encourage people to donate to our cause and start new game servers outside of minecraft.

New Network Setup:

This is still an experiment in the works but i hope once i work on it sometime next week it becomes a reality. I am working on a multi-version network that combines all modpacks, vanilla servers, and mc versions from 1.5.2 to 1.10.2 onto a single network. This will allow us to downgrade Hexxit and Voltz back to their recommended versions since people cant figure out how to use the latest ones and just blame me for not following instructions. And it also allows us to connect the chat for EVERY server on APOC. 1.5.2, 1.6.4, 1.7.10, 1.10.2 it doesnt matter everyone can speak across all versions alike.

Doing this will allow us to toss out 3 servers. We can shutdown 1 of the BungeeCord servers and shutdown 2 of the HUB's and use our 1.10.2 vanilla server as the global hub for all servers.

This will also allow APOC to use 1 IP/Domain for the entire network. You can simply just connect to PLAY.APOCGAMING.ORG and be sent to the vanilla hub no matter what version your on and select your /server from there.

Doing this also brings new staff ranks and duties. Once this is completed and setup correctly staff will no longer be bound to a single server. All staff will be global across the entire network. Since they can communicate to everyone on every server on the network they can just as easily reply to someone asking for help and jump onto that server to aid them.

Supervisors - Global chat moderators, can mute and jail.

Moderators - Global server moderators, can mute, jail, kick, ban, bypass claims, bypass faction claims, bypass town claims, build in protected zones, fly, use prism to look up block history.

Admins - Global Operators, These staff are in charge of a SINGLE server that they applied for. They choose who to recruit as staff and who to promote or demote on their staff team that are assigned to their specific server. They however have the ability to hop onto other servers to aid other players if needed but will not have operator on servers that are not assigned to them. Admins have access to pretty much everything.

Deus's - Global Administrators, These staff are at the top of the list. They run everything in the back end of APOC including staff recruiting, events, support tickets, server problems (restarts, lag, deadlocks, mod produced issues, etc), setting up plugins, and creating mini-game arenas and spawns. These people are opped on all servers and can help you with anything you need. They are basically the closest thing to me as your going to get.

We would like to have developers for plugins on our network but at the moment we have none. We welcome anyone who wants to help our network be a better place to play on by making fixes and plugins that affect the community as a whole. Compensation on completion of plugins is always on the table.

New Voting System:

I am always trying to find new ideas to make voting more beneficial to not only apoc but to you the players as well. The voting ranks have been kind of incomplete for a while now and most people do not even know the benefits they give. I will try to provide as much detail as i can on the new website layout about the voter ranks and what they have to offer.

The diamonds, cookies, reward bags, etc are being tossed out the window. You will still get EXP and ECON from voting. The new vote rewards will be Crate Keys and Crates. These crates will contain everything from the rewards removed (diamonds, reward bags) and add dozens of new rewards to gain. Each key will allow you to unlock a crate in spawn which will give you a random item that we setup (we wont be placing anything thats trash in there) the rewards will range from food, ingots, resources, tools, weapons, armors, reward bags, consumables (like ender pearls or potions), and more. Its not just vanilla stuff its vanilla and modded combined.

I hope this system will be enough to encourage you guys to vote more for APOC. Voting advertises our network and helps get players online to play. Without advertising apoc cannot survive.

Once this is setup the rewards for reviewing our servers will increase to: 2 Modded Items of your choice, $2,500 economy, 25 crate keys.

Voter ranks of Rank 3 and higher will also have the ability to vote for rain, sun, day, night, mute, and kick. The higher the rank the more things you can vote on.

New Forum Layout:

Our forums are scattered around and theres too many forum categories for servers and not enough categories for other activities. I want to revamp the forums to liven it up and give purpose to posting on the forums. Make friends, post forum games, recruit members for a faction or town, post your builds and projects, compete in events, and more.

The forums shouldnt be just for support it should be for the community to communicate with each other, so all of the server categories will be merged into one categorie named "Servers" and will have sub forums for "1.5.2, 1.6.4, 1.7.10, 1.10.2" so that you can post in the sub forum of what server you are on.

The Server forums are not for support or to report bugs. If you need help post a support ticket. The servers forums are for posting anything related to the servers that do not fall upon a support request. Like help with a mod, help building, help making a faction, someone declared war on your faction or town and you need help to beat them, things like this.

Communication is key to a successful community and APOC does not have it. I send monthly updates to 7000 people who are signed up to my website and barely anyone reads them or even acknowledges my existance. This needs to be improved. You guys need to speak out and tell me your concerns, what you like and what you dont like about the network. Give suggestions not hate. Dont go and rage quit the network because someone or something did not instantly approve to you. Instead state your mind and give us ways to improve you and everyone elses gaming experience. APOC was built on player suggestions and feedback but lately there has been no player feedback. Only spammers, harassment, and abusive behavior.

So please become a part of the APOC community and communicate with us and others on the forums, support tickets, teamspeak, discord, and in the servers themselves. You type every day, every minute your on the computer. Why not type to communicate and help us make this network better for you and others?