Posted: February 25th, 2019 @ 9:06 PM PST

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So Ive been working my butt off the last few days trying to address as many problems as possible on APOC. My focus has been the 1.6.4 servers but i have also been patching any changes that may have an impact on 1.7.10 from 1.6.4. So things like overhead names for mobs and players, player hp, fixing mob death message spam, etc are fixed on 1.7.10 as well.

This update SHOULD FIX TE! If you ever were annoyed of all of the restarts to fix Thermal Expansion conduits, fluiducts, itemducts, etc. This update should fix it. Its in testing right now but it has been proven successful on AS for over 5 days without any TE issues.

This update should also fix any problems with cables or pipes breaking at the edges of chunks. I would need players to test this to make sure its fixed but according to my staffs short testing it is fixed on multiple servers.

I have also re-organized the entire forums on the website. Its no longer a cluster**** of server categories.

So here is a short list of what Ive done. If you got a bug or issue to report please post it below so i can attempt to fix it.

  • Added Mob Overhead Names & HP
  • Added Players Overhead HP
  • Added Player Rank Tags and Colored Names above characters.
  • Redid the naming and format of ranks to be shorter to fit in the nameplates correctly.
  • Added new updated plugins.
  • Fixed donors inventory and experience saving. (Finally)
  • Fixed color mis-matches on many ranks. All colors and chat colors should be fixed.
  • Fixed spamming death messages for mobs on 1.6.4 and 1.7.10 servers.
  • Fixed cables and pipes not connecting to eachother at edges of chunks and machinery.
  • Fixed cables and pipes disconnecting (not sending items, fluids, energy, etc) when chunk is unloaded.
  • Fixed Thermal Expansion conduits, itemducts, and fluiducts from breaking and not sending anything.
  • Fixed Thermal Expansion RF disabling. This fixes RF for Big Reactors, Thermal Expansion, Mekanism, ETC.
  • Fixed all forge tile-entities from loading more than 1 chunk.
  • Increased chunk loading speed.
  • Unbanned quarries, fillers, and builders from servers that have them.
  • Cleaned up the plugins on all servers. Less plugins, more performance.
  • Updated as many plugins as i could on all servers.

I will be doing more work after this is posted, i will start making these change logs whenever i am working on apoc so you guys can stay up to date with my progress of working on apoc.