Posted: February 25th, 2019 @ 9:06 PM PST

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Attention APOC Gaming Members!

We are going to be hosting a build contest themed for Valentines Day. The contest is open to anyone R-1 through R-12 and any non-creative donors. Creative donors may still enter, but will not be awarded any prizes. This is to ensure the contest is fair for everyone. If you need to upgrade from R-0 simply click here.

Contest Rules:

  • Build Restriction: Valentines Day Theme
  • Size Restriction (maximum): 80 blocks width, 80 blocks length, 80 blocks height
  • Size Restriction (minimum): None
  • Server Restriction: None (open to all servers)
  • Player Restriction: Rank 1 - 12 Voter Rank & Non-Creative Donor Ranks
  • Contest End Date: 2/17
  • Winner Announcement: 2/18


  • Enjin PM Clutch_Cabbage with the following format
    • Subject: Valentines Day Contest
    • MC Name
    • Server
    • Location of entry
  • Submissions must be sent by 11:59pm Eastern Time on Feb. 17

Contest Prizes:

  • First Prize: 200 Website Points
  • Second Prize: 150 Website Points
  • Third Prize: 100 Website Points