Posted: February 25th, 2019 @ 9:06 PM PST

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Server Update

By [nADMIN] theresajayne - Posted Jun 27, 17

Vote & Review:


Our custom economy system has been programmed and setup over the last few months. Many bugs and issues have been squashed and improvements made to our economy plugin APOC-Payday. As the improvements were made and bugs fixed staff have been setting up admin shops on the servers with the new spawn design. These servers include: AS, ASHC, TM, HEX, VOL, TC, TLEG, TRPG. Once these have been completely setup the other servers will follow.

Our new voter rank setup has also been in place for a while. We want to encourage voting on our network as much as possible to help our network advertise on the internet. Players vote for our cause and we reward them with instant rewards, keys which reward 1 of 20+ items per key type. And voter rank ups which unlock many benefits which can be seen here:

If you wish to join a faction or town, or gain key rewards from voting you must get the free voter Rank 1 on the shop here:

Once you have ranked up, you can begin voting daily to rank up further. Every 35 votes will rank you up to the next voter rank up to rank 12.

Rank 3 unlocks creating a faction or town, using the admin shops, and buy or sell claimblocks. We are giving this rank out for free if you write a review for our network on any of the listed links on the vote & review page. You can review more than once, the more places you review us on the more rewards you will get.

Once you have reviewed us contact a admin for your reward on the server of your choice.

Votes now give keys, you can redeem these keys by typing /redeemkey keyname amount OR /apd redeemkey keyname amount. These keys will give you specific items based on the modpack you are playing on. Each key has over 25 different rewards and each key redeemed will give 1 reward. When you redeem a lower tier key it has a chance to give you a higher tier key. Donor ranks and R-12 Voter ranks have the ability to buy and sell these keys using their economy in the server.

To view what keys you have type /keys or /apd keys.

All economies are now global. And so are your keys. You can vote while being online any server and you can access your keys and redeem them on any server you wish. Your economy will also be shared from server to server. If you make $25,000 economy on YCC and you go to Agrarian Skies your $25,000 is there waiting for you.

We have also setup the Vanilla server. It is still running on 1.11.2 but is fully playable for survival, factions, towny worlds. The spawn is still yet to be completed but it has warp signs and info signs on where to go and what to do.

For those who like Hexxit and Voltz we have recently setup the 1.5.2 versions of hexxit and voltz once again. You can access these servers by going to HEX.APOCGAMING.ORG or VOL.APOCGAMING.ORG on the recommended builds of the pack. I also have my own remake of Hexxit on 1.7.10 called Apocalyptic Adventures which has over 100 custom dimensions, thousands of custom mobs, and thousands of custom weapons/tools/armor, and tons of dungeons to explore and conquer. You can check this pack out by searching "Apocalyptic Adventures" on the technic launcher. Server IP is included within the modpack.

For those who like kitchen sink modpacks like YCC and FTB Infinity Evolved and Tekkit and so on. My custom modpack APOC Tech & RPG which is also listed on technic has everything you will ever want in a modpack and much more. This modpack combines every mod to work with each other in harmony. Every ore works with every mod, every machine is compatible with every other machine. And there are several mod performance enhancements and our own custom shader pack. If you do not have a beefy GPU turning off the shaders is recommended to increase your FPS. Otherwise enjoy the pack.

We are looking for new staff members. If you are active and are willing to do tasks like setting up spawn and shops please apply on our website. All of our applications are located on our MAIN menu under "Apply for Staff" our staff ranks have weekly hour requirements. cMOD=20/sMOD=25/sADMIN=30/nADMIN=35

Any more questions about our new economy, rank, and voting reward system feel free to ask our staff online or post on our forums.