Posted: February 25th, 2019 @ 9:06 PM PST

Our network is under financial stress. We have $809.90 of overdue bills that need to be paid. Please help us by purchasing ranks or donating on our shop on the menu above. We are having a 30% off sale to help raise funds. Anything helps! Thank you for your support!


50% off all non-creative ranks on the shop.
50% off all kits, keys, boosters, and gear as well! 35% off all Creative Ranks.
- Added NEW APOC Gear sets to the shop. Previously only obtainable through ranks, you can now buy every set on the shop under kits. These sets are global for every server.
- Added NEW Kitpocalypse Kits for AS, BT, and YCC (More to come) which include EVERY kit for those servers in one massive kit.
- Added Voter Key item reward images to all key packages on shop to show you what you could get from opening keys. - Added Kitpocalypse Kit Tokens to Duke, Archduke, Lord, and Legend. Upon purchase you can get 1 free Kitpocalypse Key on the shop.

This sale ends on January 14th. Happy Holidays, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years!