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Hello everyone, its been a while since ive written one of these. So as many of you know APOC resets every year before summer. This year we will be wiping ONLY the 1.5.2 and 1.6.4 servers on April 15th. As usual during the reset 2 week period any Baron donor or higher can request a schematic backup of their home on a server.

Backup requests end on April 13th.

1.7.10 servers will not be wiped due to them being either freshly setup (Tekkit Legends & Project Ozone 2) or recently wiped due to a major update (APOC Tech & RPG). However the 1.13.2 Vanilla server will be wiped as well.

Our network now has a custom bungeecord that supports 1.5.2-1.13.2! All of our servers are now managed by one server. Which means you can now view every player and staff online in the tab list and communicate with everyone across all servers. The bungeecord is still being debugged, the 1.6.4 HUB will be shutdown and all of its functions will be moved to the 1.13.2 server which now acts as the new HUB for all servers.

The 1.13.2 vanilla server also has protocol support for MC 1.5.2-1.13.2. So even though your on Hexxit or Tekkit Main you can join the vanilla server. IP's on the network will remain the same other then 164.apocgaming.org being shutdown as that went to the 1.6.4 HUB. play.apocgaming.org will be the new HUB/Vanilla IP to go to.

All other IP's/Domain's for servers will work as normal.

Due to us freeing up 2 servers we will move the Vanilla server to our bungee host and setup a Tekkit Classic server in the other available server.

Moving the Vanilla and shutting down the 1.6.4 HUB frees up some ram on our dedicated server to possibly setup another server which I will accept suggestions for below, or on discord.

Our Project Ozone 2 server is now live at PO2.APOCGAMING.ORG. We have both skyblock worlds and overworlds, you can choose which one to play in. This server is still new, so bugs are expected. Please report any problems you face to us on Discord.

People have asked me to setup PO3, but i tend to only start hosting a server when its updates have ended. Because updating a modpack server every week, or multiple times a week, is very time consuming and soul draining. As any config changes i make have to be redone on every update. I tried doing this with Agrarian Skies 2 and got burnt out. In the end Jadedcat never finished AS2. So if you got a modpack to suggest please be aware if its still receiving updates it will probably be ignored.

An alternative to this would be for me to make TRPG 2 for 1.12.2.

Tekkit Legends has been back for a couple months as well, it kinda just slipped back in and i never really announced it. So those of you who are interested in Tekkit Legends its back up.

For a while now our Vanilla server has been up to date on 1.13.2 and has been setup to be a survival server with economy/protections/factions/towns. It is not being managed due to lack of staff for this as APOC is mainly modded, vanilla is new to us. If your interested in helping us setup plugins, configs, mini-games, etc for vanilla. Please apply for staff on the links above.

Currently we have a 40% off sale on all ranks in preparation for the reset. So you can grab a rank with schematic saves at a cheaper price. All non creative ranks are 40% off, creative ranks 30% off. The rest of the store (keys, kits, claim blocks, etc) is also 40% off.

We are looking for DOZENS of staff members. Chat mods, server mods, server admins, developers, and builders (must apply as smod).

If you are interested in any of these please click the application links at the top of this post. We have apps for chat mods, server mods, and developers. If you wish to be an admin please apply for server mod to be evaluated for admin.

Chat Mod - Manages chat, answers player questions, guides on how to vote, rank up, redeem rewards, and play on the network. Can mute/jail.

Server Mod - Everything chat mod does along with managing the server. Can teleport to players, vanish, inspect inventories & claims/towns/factions, and enact punishments.

Server Admin - Everything from server mod but is also in charge of recruitment of staff, promotions and demotions, spawn, server side configuration, etc.

Developer - Java programmer to create fixes for issues or custom plugins for the network.

Now this is unrelated to minecraft but since im making this i figured why not see if anyones interested in this. Ive been spending about 2 months working on a remake of the first person shooter called Ghost in the Shell: First Assault. This was a game made by Nexon which was shutdown in 2017. Our goal is to re create it in UnrealEngine. If you are interested in joining us to just check it out or to apply to volunteer and help us make the game you can do so here: https://discord.gg/2SVTmXD

We are looking for anyone experienced in UnrealEngine4 Blueprints, Map Design, Sound Engineering, C++ Programming, Graphic Design (Remaking textures into HD PBR), Animation (Animating characters, guns, robots, etc), Modelling (Guns, Maps, Character Meshes/Bones).

Currently we have all of the games original assets. Characters, guns, maps, textures, etc. We just need help importing these into workable assets within Unreal and then programmed around them. I myself have been working on the maps which ill post a few screenshots of below on my progress.


So i guess this wraps up this update message. If your interested in anything above feel free to join us on our APOC discord (https://discord.gg/uctbDQb ) or the GITS discord (https://discord.gg/2SVTmXD ) and ill see you there!