Starting on May 1st I will be holding a voting competition.

Make sure you have your mc character setup correctly on your enjin account, and you are logged into the site and server when voting.

By the end of may the top 3 voters for the 1.6.4 and 1.7.10 network will get a free donor rank:

  • 1st Place: Knight
  • 2nd Place: Squire
  • 3rd Place: Disciple

All donor ranks come with R-12 unlocked which can buy & sell or redeem any of the 4 tiers of keys and get rewards for everything in game for our economy. For more information about the rank benefits checkout our shop at

Getting Squire or Knight will allow you to buy upgrades in the future. Top voters will also get +100 voter points. These points can be used to upgrade your donor rank, buy a better donor rank, or purchase one of our soon to be server kits.

Remember our Spring sale is still ongoing until June. Grab ranks for 30% off or grab Legend for 50% off!