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APOC's expenses average between $400-$500 per month

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Welcome to the Shops!
~Please read before purchasing anything on the shops~

Shop purchases will add your account to the Supporter Page

Global Shop

  • The Global Shop contains ranks which apply to all servers.
  • Monthly Ranks are charged once per month
    • This will start a subscription with APOC Gaming
    • DO NOT CANCEL your subscription if you want to keep your rank
    • Upon termination of the subscription you will lose your rank and any subscription time remaining will be void
  • Permanent Ranks are a one-time, permanent purchase
    • Permanent ranks (Squire +) can be upgraded by paying the difference in price
    • Rank Upgrades can be found on the "Rank Upgrades" tab located in the Global Shop

Voter Rank Shop

  • Rank 1 is absolutely free.
  • Once you add R-1 to your cart and complete the transaction the rank will be given to the minecraft character on your account on the server you are logged into.
  • Every 35 votes afterwards will increase your rank automatically.
  • You will continue to level up every 35 votes up to R-12.


  • You do not get anything which is not listed in the item description
  • You are required to be registered and logged into our website
  • You are required to have your Minecraft character linked to Enjin
  • All purchases are final with no refunds
  • Any Ranks above Duke purchased with points do not get the private world
  • All proceeds go towards network upkeep
    • Upkeep includes: Maintenance, Hardware, DDOS protection
  • You are making a purchase not a donation
    • Donations are considered a charity to the network
    • If you wish to donate instead please donate HERE
  • APOC Gaming has no affiliation with Minecraft, Mojang, Microsoft, or any mod author
  • Commands which are restricted in SkyBlock:
    • /repair, /repair (enchanted), /repair all, /repair (armor)
    • /feed, /feed (player)
    • /gamemode
  • APOC Gaming reserves the right to adjust pricing
  • APOC Gaming reserves the right to adjust the content of its shop
    • This includes, but is not limited to: Ranks, Kits, Plugin Boosts, Features, Commands
Network Shop